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Communicate, Update,

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Who can use ezReferral?

Anyone: referrers, specialists, optometrists, case managers, therapists, patients.

News:  ezReferral Founder receives grant from Joule.”

ezReferral flows all your healthcare referral communication into one powerful stream.

ezReferral seamlessly and intelligently integrates your legacy FAX system.

ezReferral has an open API so your system can talk to ours.

ezReferral dramatically reduces unnecessary phone calls to your practice.

ezReferral is in the cloud and accessible anywhere, anytime on any device.

ezReferral was created by a practicing physician who understands what the medical community needs.

ezReferral can be installed, up and running in under a day.

Our Solution

Synchronized Care For the Whole Community.

Tracked, traced and updated referral information instantly.
No more lost referrals.  Communicate directly with all parties.  Peace of mind.

Instant messaging and updates with every referral.
Reduce unnecessary phone calls.  Reduce no-shows.  Reduce costs.

ezReferral automatically notifies and reminds your patients of their appointments.

eConsult.  Improved communication between primary care providers and specialists.

Provide peace of mind for your patients. Manage expectations. 

ezReferral provides the most efficient, secure and accurate flow of patient referrals…
Right at your finger tips!



Healthcare data is critical & sensitive.

ezReferral helps prevent lost, misplaced and misdirected health records.

You can ensure your confidential patient information gets into the right hands, right away.

ezReferral records precisely who did what and when. You have a complete audit trail of all communications, who initiated them, who touched them and who changed them.

Referral information secured in one powerful stream. It really is that easy.


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Affordable monthly or yearly pricing plans include*:

  • Setup & Training
  • Unlimited Fax Referrals
  • Unlimited eConsult referrals
  • Unlimited appointments
  • Unlimited patient notifications and reminders
  • Technical support
  • Secure messaging
  • Regular upgrades
  • Multiple staff members
  • Multiple facilities
  • Full medical team functionality
*Certain restrictions may apply


Connect with us & learn how ezReferral will help you provide better patient outcomes through improved, secure and reliable communications.

(780)554-2822 or (403)617-5277

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Technical Support

Head Office:

Suite 138, 8627-91st,
Edmonton, AB T6C 3N1

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Here's what our users have to say.
  • Optometrist


    “We love ezReferral.. I like the peace of mind. We can also process a lot more referrals; about 10-15 per hour vs 4-5 the old fashioned way. So a time boost is on our side.

    Kind Regards,
    Alberta Optometrist

  • Referral Coordinator

    An Edmonton ENT clinic

    “To receive, triage, book and import the referral into a chart that can be made as soon as the referral has been accepted is not only efficient, but cuts down on referral status updates which take time out of my day and the GP’s office that needs to dedicate a portion of their staff to calling and inquiring. There are many, many other things that are great and beneficial in regards to the ezReferral.”

    Referral Coordinator
    for Alberta ENT

  • Office Manager

    Edmonton Eyelids

    “Our office has been using ezReferral since July 2016.  It’s easy to rave about this powerful communication tool – each referral received through this system takes a fraction of the time required through our faxed referral system, due mainly to the fact that most patients choose to receive referral notifications by text and/or email (thereby eliminating the “middle ground” in which some referrals can get lost).  What truly sets ezReferral apart from ANY online interface that I have ever used: the support staff is accessible, proactive, and fast.”

    Shawna Sazwan
    Edmonton Eyelids

  • MT


    From a patient:

    “I received a notice from ezReferral about my appointment. All I was required to do was accept and my appointment was made. No phone calls: no being put on hold: no having to hang up and try again because of some other distraction.”


    MT (Patient)

  • Clinic Manager

    An Edmonton Family Practice Clinic

    What I love about ezReferral:

    • Designed by a physician – he understands the difficulties associated with referrals & wants to address them head on
    • The program is great – user friendly, innovative design, very easy to use
    • Amazing Tech Support/Customer Service
    • Makes communication quick, easy, efficient
    • Provides a way to organize and track referrals

    How has ezReferral made your job easier?
    Often we fax a referral off, and from our end, everything went through. When we call a month later follow up, we are informed that the referral was never received or that it was received, declined and a fax was sent back to us that we never received. This can be extremely frustrating and demoralizing, not to mention a waste of time. Amazing! That does not necessarily mean that my patient is going to be seen in the next week, but it means that I know that the referral was received, I am kept in the loop (status updates include “new”, “waitlisted”, “waiting for booking” “booked”), and the patient is kept in the loop. Even if the referral is declined I will know right away, at the click of a button, and can then easily forward it along to another office.

    With ezReferral all the back & forth is eliminated & there is direct, clear and secure communication with patient. The patient is notified each step of the referral progress & once appointment is made, they communicate directly with the specialist office to confirm/change appointment. Also, you can set appointment reminders (i.e. 2 days &/or 1 week) so patients don’t forget about appointments.

    How has this program helped your patients?:

    • Referrals won’t get lost
    • Patient kept informed, for those who like to know what is going on
    • Empowering for patient
    • Feel that they are cared about (not forgotten or shoved to the back burner)
    • Easy to get updates on the status of referral
    • The “patient side” of ezReferral is easy to use (and fun!)



    Clinic Manager
    An Edmonton Family Practice Clinic

Joule Innovation Grant


Joule the Canadian Medical Association’s newest company – today announced that ezReferral Inc. was a recipient of one of its 2017 Innovation grants.

ezReferral 2.0 is a cloud based medical referral management system designed by Dr. Denis Vincent of Edmonton Alberta.

Dr. Vincent through his years of practice and through personal experience recognized that the current process of managing referrals was flawed.

Faxing referrals from one office to another today is still the primary preferred system of referral management or “mismanagement” as Dr. Vincent puts it. “One of my patients went to emergency to be told by the attending physician that she needed to see a surgeon. The fax was sent to the surgeons office but the surgeon happened to be away from the office for a few months."

"When my patient came to see me, I quickly discovered that the referral was undelivered and most importantly I learned my patient had cancer and it had spread. Sadly, she died a few years later.”

Dr. Vincent thought of a way to fix the unreliable referral process. Faxing had to go. He presented his idea at an event called  "Hacking Health" held at the University of Alberta. With him, that weekend a team of computer programmers developed a prize-winning prototype for a web based referral service.

After 2 years ezReferral 2.0 is ready for the medical world. Automating the referral management process and ensuring that all parties are in the loop is what ezReferral does. Complete with fax integration, API’s to talk with EMR, EHR and other patient systems, instant messaging, patient reminders, workflow management, reminders and to-dos, ezReferral is an intelligent system.

Dr. Vincent sees this as only the beginning of the revolution of healthcare innovation and patient engagement. “We are committed to the future today.” Vincent states.