MEDICAL Referral management made ez

Unlike most other referral applications 

ezReferral was designed by a practicing physician.



Workflow designed for the way you work and want.  Critically designed, ezReferral  saves you time, money, and helps reduce no shows.  Patient alerts, critical reminders, forms, pre-appointment work and much more.  Reduce patient leakage, see more patients, do econsulting, run reports, audit trails, reduce frustration, increase revenue and breathe easier. 


Need to integrate faxes before they are phased out, no problem.  

Need to know what's new, urgent or overdue, again no problem.  

Multiple facilities, shared referrals, custom messaging, intelligent forms and website integration all for one very low price.  How low?  Less than a dollar a day.  Really!







About ezReferral

You care about patients. We care about patients.  ezReferral was created and designed with the patient in mind and with you in mind.  The world of health care is changing rapidly and dramatically.  As such, a dramatic solution to the complex world of referrals was required.  Our founder and CEO; Dr. Denis Vincent has been practicing for more than 30 years.  Tired of the insecure, inefficient and dangerous fax process he set about to build a system that works. It does.  Take a look.  

Intelligent Workflow

Patient Engagement


Work smarter. Work the way you want to work. Automate processes.  Reduce workload. Integrate.  Elevate the patient experience. 

The patient is always in the loop. Referral status. Appointment reminders.  Messaging.  SMS, email or telephone.

THe community says:

Who benefits

1. Patients

Better transparency, increased confidence, appointment reminders, and peace of mind are essential in easing patient expectations and anxiety.  


2. Referring Physicians

Tracking, confirmation, E- Consult, audit trail, and happier patients will provide better patient relationship and care. 


3. Specialists.

Accurate, correct and complete information.  Less administration more patient care. E-consult from anywhere, any time.  


4. Your Staff

Fewer repeat phone calls, less stress, fewer no shows, less follow up, more time for important tasks. 


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Improved pre-visit work-ups.  Decreases in unnecessary/inappropriate specialty referrals.  Reduced no-show rates.  Attach diagnostic files and images.  Bill for consult. 


Referring Physicians

Your Staff