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ezReferral Inc., is pleased to introduce the availability of it's referral extension ezAnywhere. ezAnywhere is a small piece of code that can be put on any page of your website and allows referrers to securely create .medical referrals for your clinic. 

The ezReferral self service web based referral application can be provided on any website. The button itself can be configured to meet your brand standards.


So, how does this work?  We provide the simple HTML code to you.  You or your web person places the snippet on any page you desire.  Now referring doctors can simply click on the button, create an account (no cost) and create a referral. They will receive a confirmation email along with a URl and a  tracking code that permits them to review the referral and check the status.   This is not a simple webform, it's one of the most advanced methods available today for creating secure, privacy compliant referrals.  


Every patient will receive instant notification that the referral was sent, and be able to track it's status at any time.  What do you need to do.  See below.



All you need to do is become an ezReferral user. How do you do that? Contact us info@ezreferral.org and let us set you up. It's only $20.00 a month.  That's about 4 Starbucks coffees.  Or attend a webinar and take a look. 


Patients can confirm appointments via text or email. You can send appointment reminders.  You have a complete audit trail of what has touched or changed the referral at any time.  There will be fewer missed appoiintments, fewer phone calls bertween offices, fewer lost referrals and you will save money on:  phone calls, staffing, fax machines, fax paper, fax lines among other things. This is the end of the fax machine and the beginning of proper referral management. You owe it to yourselves, your employers, your managers and your patients to take a look. It's only 15 minutes that will save you time and help save lives. It's time for the fax machine to go. 




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