About Us

Screen image of EZ Referral dashboard with referral information

Welcome to the Age of the Patient

Medcycle is committed to helping provide world class health care. Our solutions are elegant, robust, easy to use, and focused upon patient engagement while improving care and office efficiency. We understand the health care market, workflows, process change management and the challenges involved.

We are keenly aware of the gaps in patient care and in medical intelligence. We have identified unique and powerful solutions to disrupt the medical care and intelligence market while achieving the ultimate goal of improving patient care.

The Referral Problem

Fax machines are completely insecure with no audit trail whatsoever. Referrals containing sensitive patient information have been sent to the wrong number. There are untold examples of the danger of using a fax machine.
Patient Frustration
When a patient learns that their trusted GP needs to extend their care to a specialist this often creates anxiety and worry. The patient has no idea if the referral has been received, viewed or when they might see the specialist.
Privacy Protection
As the world moves to protect the privacy information of everyone, strangely the fax machine continues to be the standard of choice for the transmission of critical patient information.
Data Analysis
The health care sector is becoming a huge consumer of data. The sector realizes that data can help drive better patient outcomes and improve business processes. There is no data collected or available when referrals are sent via the fax machine or emails.
Scarce Analytics
Millions of dollars are being spent on technology, business process design and workflow management. With no data there are no analytics.
From the creation of the referral to the sending process, the repeated phone calls from patients, returning calls to patients, calling the receiving clinics, appointment reminders, incomplete and inaccurate referrals, are just a few examples of the cost of manual referral management.

The Medcycle Solution

Medcycle is a digital medical  referral management tool that was designed by a physician who wants to improve the referral process. From appointment reminders, to tracking referral status, intra-office collaboration and a complete audit trail, Medcycle is quite possibly the most powerful referral management tool in the world today.

  • Expedites creation, delivery and receipt of medical referrals
  • Is completely secure and compliant
  • Ensures continuity of patient care
  • Reduces errors and omissions
  • Only registered users have access to the system and associated data
  • Provides a complete audit trail
  • Manages patient communications and appointments
  • Utilizes an application programming interface providing connectivity with EMR/EHR systems
  • Provisions eConsult
  • Enhances workflow
  • Reduces no shows and patient frustration
  • Reduces processing costs
Screen shot of the EZ Referral dashboard
Screen shot of the EZ Referral to do list with certain referrals in priority red