E-Consult and E-Assessment

Medcycle has a unique Covid 19 patient care solution that allows e-assessments and e-consults to take place easily, seamlessly and conveniently.

“The sudden challenges brought on by COVID-19 forced us to think differently about how we deliver patient care. Thanks to our partnership with Medcycle, we were able to quickly deploy an e-assessment tool. It allows us to virtually triage and assess patients who are unable to access care. Since we deployed this emergency solution, it has been essential in helping our clinic continue to provide care.”

Dr. Ike Ahmed

Medical Director
Prism Eye Institute 

Ensure no patient is without care with e-assessment software. Medcycle helps specialists across The United States and Canada serve their clients with virtual assessments through our online portal.

To limit the spread of COVID-19 and save lives, the best thing that everyone can do is limit contact between people. E-assessments allow specialists to continue providing patient care while eliminating the need for in-person interactions. Patients can continue to receive important medical care and clinics can remain operational. Everyone benefits. E-assessment software is an investment that all healthcare professionals should consider.


To get started, we create a web-based form that captures all the information you require for a patient referral. This intelligent form can use conditional logic to have the questions change based upon the gender, age, condition or any variable. Images or additional information can also be attached and submitted.

Once submitted, the receiving clinic is notified of the request via a secure, PHIPA/HIPAA- compliant email. The specialist can then process the request and arrange a remote assessment with the patient. Many clinics require the patient to consent to digital communications and we cover that too.


Our platform costs less than $10.00 a day and can get your clinic back to serving patients and making up lost revenue. Our solution is secure and PHIPA/HIPAA-compliant, protecting confidential patient information.

To get started all you need is an email address. There is no software to install. Our technical team can get you set up and running in an hour in most cases.

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