A complete audit trail of every aspect of a referral.

EZ Referral provides a complete time stamped audit trail of everything and anything that happens on a referral. From the moment it’s created, sent, received, and completed. Every time the referral status changes, an appointment made, an appointment rescheduled and even no shows are all tracked in EZ Referral. Everything is time stamped and can be reviewed at any time.

Man pushing electronic audit button

EZ Referral will make your office more efficient, your staff happier, patients pleased and you can transform your office almost overnight. We have clients that have started refusing to accept fax referrals. The receiving clinics simply put a small piece of code on their website that will launch an online referral form which captures all the pertinent referral information. Once the referral is created the receiving clinic receives a notification and the patient is also notified of the referral creation.

Hand holding pen completing form

You can communicate directly with the primary care providers and share files. EZ Referral also lets you triage referrals immediately and in some cases you might even consider doing an e-consult.

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