appointment Reminders

Powerful appointment reminders.

Reduce no-shows and patient/staff frustration by using our set ‘em and forget ‘em appointment reminders. Send reminders to your patients and/or their caregivers via text, email or phone. You can set reminders to go out any number of times or days before the appointment.
Screen shot of a text appointment reminder on a mobile phone.

Here's how it works for one office:

  • 1. Patient and caregiver receive a message that the initial consult referral has been received and informs them that they will receive notification of the appointment time within 24 – 48 hours.
  • The appointment is booked and the patient and caregiver both receive notifications via text and email with a  link asking that the appointment be confirmed.
  • One week before the appointment the patient and caregiver receive an appointment reminder along with a link to some forms that need to be completed and brought to the appointment.
  • Two days before the appointment an automated message is sent with an appointment reminder.
  • Once the appointment has been completed the patient and caregiver receive a message thanking them for attending along with a link to a patient survey.

You can even send an “in the moment” broadcast message if you’ve got important news or announcements. You can request additional information and even send forms that they need to complete and bring with them for the appointment.

Set up and training can be done in under an hour and you will be saving time and money immediately.

Screen shot of additional parking information regarding the patients appointment.
Screen shot of the patient notification configuration panel in EZ Referral

You can start Connecting Care today. To arrange for a demo or free trial simply click on the button below. We will get in touch right away.

  • Reduce no-shows
  • Minimal training required
  • Save money
  • Collaborate
  • E-consult
  • Complete audit trail
  • Improved patient experience