Medcycle has developed a browser extension that let’s you capture any data you require from your EMR/EHR cloud based system to create a referral without having to re-type the information.  Super easy to use and it’s free.  Simply open your EMR to the screen or screens that contain the patient data for the referral, click on the browser extension and your referral is created.  Not quite magic but almost!

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Triangle with time, cost and quality

Medcycle also uses a RESTful API (application programming interface) that can connect to almost any cloud based EMR/EHR system. That means you and your staff won’t have to enter data twice.  If you are using a cloud based fax system, a cloud based reminder system or anything that has to do with patient management we can connect with it as long as those applications have APIs.

The digital transformation of health care is under way.  Talk to us and see how we can help you.