Simplify Your Healthcare Data Collection

Medcycle’s medical forms let you collect and share healthcare information across any device. Eliminate tedious paper-based processes, and create exceptional patient experiences.

Exceed compliance standards.
Collect personal healthcare information online, and stay compliant with Canadian PHIPA and American HIPAA regulations. Encrypt patient data, control who views sensitive information, and track user activity.
Empower your back office.
Reduce time spent on manual data entry. Automate behind-the-scenes operations like invoicing, inventory management, HR, contracts, medical claims, and credentialing.
Connect with new patients.
Use your medical forms and EZ Referral's powerful analytics tools to find data-rich insights, drive more patient appointments, and boost sales of your products and services.
Improve patient experiences.
Enhance patient intake and reduce patient frustration by streamlining paper registration forms into one online form. Improve your services further with mobile-friendly surveys.
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uild your forms.

Create branded medical forms from scratch or use one of our pre-made templates.

hare with others.

Embed forms on your website or share a link via email. All our forms are mobile-friendly.

mprove efficiency.

Set up review processes, and analyze data to improve services and marketing efforts.

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Simplify Your Patient Registration and Onboarding

Learn how online forms can help you streamline the patient onboarding process,enhance patient care, and improve your bottom line.

The Power of Efficient Patient Onboarding

The patient onboarding process is the series of steps involved in moving a patient from registration to billing. Usually, this process is managed with manual paperwork: paper forms, paper filing, paper scanning, and paper shredding. But this method is outdated and prone to errors. Your patients are using mobile devices and other technology to safely and effectively manage every other area of their lives. It’s time for healthcare to catch up.

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Paperwork Errors Hurt Your Bottom Line


Administrative errors cost the healthcareindustry over $19.5 billion per year.


Physicians are spending 49% of their time doing paperwork, even with an EHR system in place.


Medical errors (including paperwork mistakes)are the third-leading cause of death in the U.S.