Healthcare Marketing Solutions That Impact Your Bottom Line

As a healthcare marketer, you have quite the to-do list. You’re focused on gaining leads, converting them into patients, and keeping those patients long-term. You must also keep up with HIPAA compliance, reputation management, a changing customer base, and new technology. Use the simple healthcare marketing solutions below to maximize your marketing ROI.

Digitize the patient experience.

Today, patients expect to be served through the digital space. If your healthcare organization isn’t adapting to digital marketing trends, you’re falling behind competitors who are. To acquire new leads—and convert them—you must make communicating with your brand as quick and easy as possible. Utilize online forms to eliminate paper, improve communication, simplify appointment scheduling, speed up patient registration, and enhance data capture.

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Stay HIPAA compliant with secure data.

The last thing a patient or healthcare provider wants is a data breach. Whether your organization is small or large, data security is a matter of huge importance. Ensure you’re safely collecting patient data and avoiding costly HIPAA violations by using a solution that encrypts data and safely stores it in a database. Formstack’s HIPAA compliant forms give you an effortless way to collect and protect your patients’ data.

Manage the patient journey.

Patients have more choices than ever when it comes to picking a healthcare provider. In today’s age of modern technology, patients expect automation, digitization, and instant connection. They don’t want to be deterred by complicated and time-consuming tasks—and neither does your back office team. Use smart data insights to identify issues within the patient journey and discover opportunities to increase conversions, patient satisfaction, and retention.

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Turn More Leads Into Long-Term Patients

Surpass your marketing goals with Formstack. Streamline processes, improve communication, minimize paper forms, and utilize powerful tools to make smart marketing decisions.

  • Convert more leads into patients with completely customizable forms.
  • Simplify referrals and improve communication between doctor and patient.
  • Identify and resolve conversion issues along the patient journey.
  • Automate manual tasks, pleasing your back office, doctors, and patients.
  • Create patient satisfaction surveys that lead to data-rich insights.
  • Streamline secure data transfer with HIPAA compliant integrations like Salesforce.