The Medical Form Problem

The collection of data is a essential in all aspects of medicine.  The healthcare industry continues to primarily use paper forms as the methodology for collecting patient and related medical  information. The associated costs of paper form based workflow are enormous.

Inaccurate forms interrupt the care process and add significant cost to health care. Form issues include and are not limited to; illegibility, errors, damaged forms, lost forms, rigidity (no adaptability) and no ability to electronic transcription (all data has to be entered manually).

Electronic data streaming

The data from paper based forms can not be shared intelligently.  The billions of pieces of information collected on forms is not collected and therefore not available for analysis. Healthcare organizations are therefore forced to incorporate expensive and inefficient workflows based upon process.

Without analysis there is no ability to make informed conclusions supporting decision making. The advancement in patient care suffers from the inability to analyze data. Waitlist management is one of the more profound needs today and there is little data available to move this forward.

Medcycle has two powerful and inexpensive solutions. Web based forms with built in workflow and fillable PDF’s with conditional logic.

Two stacks of paper forms