Transform Patient Registration with Online Forms

Online forms can streamline the entire patient registration process by eliminating the need for paper and integrating with your current workflows. See our breakdown below of a patient onboarding process flow to see how online forms can fit into your healthcare organization.

1. Gather critical patient information before the first appointment.

Embed online forms on your website that patients can fill out before their first appointment, and gather data such as demographics, medical history, and insurance details. This will save time for your busy front office staff, and help your patient flow run smoothly.

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2. Auto-route submitted patient information to different departments.

Automatically send a patient’s information to front office staff, the billing department, doctors, intake specialists, and other care providers via email. This will help your staff prepare for the patient’s first visit, and pre-verify insurance details ahead of time.

3. Quickly plan additional treatment and follow-up appointments.

If the patient needs additional care after their first appointment, care providers can pull up the required forms on a tablet or mobile device, have patients fill out their information, and then route data to the appropriate departments for processing.

4. Follow up with a patient satisfaction survey to gather feedback.

Starting your patient engagement early is key. The first appointment is the point a new patient considers whether or not they want to stay with you. Send out a survey to collect valuable feedback that will help you and your staff improve future care.

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