Medical forms got you down?

Forms are an essential part of the practice of medicine.  It’s the data that’s gathered that drives every action thereafter.

If the data is inaccurate, unreadable or incomplete, not only is it difficult to move to the next step, it’s expensive and delays care.  Furthermore, as more forms are required, or as forms require editing, it is often such a burden on the staff that changes are inevitably not as agile as they could be.

There are two solutions that we offer to eliminate mistakes and save time and money.

One is using our Formstack solution and having web based mobile capable secure forms. We are also proud to be the first to offer a form conversion service.

Forms flying into latop screen
Two stacks of paper forms
Turn your forms into fillable PDF's and
save time and money.

Simply put, we will take your paper form and convert it into a fillable PDF. Each of the data capture fields will be structured to ensure accuracy. For example if the telephone number field requires 10 digits in a certain format the person completing the form must comply before submitting. If a certain date of birth indicates something about the care plan and then requires more fields to appear that is easily done. If the reason for the referral has certain variables then the logic built into the form will alter the data requirements.


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Shop now to have your forms converted into fillable PDFs.

Here’s how it works.  Select how many pages there are in the form you want converted.

For each form you want to have converted there is an instruction box associated with that form where you can place additional instructions. Please feel free to add as much or as little as you like. You will be asked to upload the files when you get to the checkout (they can be word docs, spread sheets or PDF’s.) Once you complete payment we will receive the files and you will get a receipt.  Depending upon complexity we can get your forms completed in about 72 hours. In many cases our conversion team might have questions for you.  If so we will call you.

If you have more than one form that you require converted please place separate orders for each.

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